About us

Babis and Pola
We took over the operation of the refuge so as to escape
from the miserable-loud-routine of Athens! To gain quality of living, to be
able to hear our own thoughts and above all to live an authentic life. We have no
family connection to this place, in fact there is no family village at all, so
we thought of making one!
The refuge is our home. Meaning that we actually live in it,
we do not see it as a workplace to which to go to in the morning and leave in
the afternoon.
So do we want for our guests, to feel it like a home!!! We
keep making improvements to the facilities of the refuge and to the building
Our pets:
Except for the wildlife, we are also being kept company by
our pets.
Beba (14-year old lady from Halandri)
Politsa (Epirus breed, from Ioannina)
Zara (a wrinkly pappy that got stretched, mountain guide)